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Created by Go Nagai, Mazinger is a Japanese super-robot franchise consisting of anime, manga and video game adaptations. It began with the manga and tv series Mazinger Z, a worldwide hit, which was known as Tranzor Z in the United States. The first manga version was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump from October 1972 to August 1973, and it later continued in Kodansha TV Magazine from October 1973 to September 1974. It was adapted into an anime television series which aired on Fuji TV from December 1972 to September 1974. A second manga series was released alongside the TV show, this one drawn by Gosaku Ota, which started and ended almost as the same time as the show. The success of Mazinger Z led to several sequels and spin-off series, including UFO Robot Grendizer and Mazinkaiser. It was a very popular cartoon in Mexico during the 1980s, where it was dubbed into Spanish directly from the Japanese version, broadcasting all 92 episodes and keeping the Japanese character names intact.


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Mazinger Animes

Giant Robots on TV

Mazinger Z (1972)


Mazinger Z's first venture onto TV

Great Mazinger (1974)


New and Improved!

Grendizer (1975)


Giant Robots from space!

One of these things are not like the other

Stone God Mazinger!



A remake of the original Mazinger Z.
The First Mazinger Series with bump-mapping

An OVA made to take the Mazinger franchise into the modern day

The First Mazinger Series in America

Censored to protect the minds of the American youth

You know them all, right? Ha, Ha, Wrong!


The Main meat of the series

Giant Robots kicking the crap out of each other...on the Big Screen!...and Micheal Bay isn't going to ruin it.

Grendizer Getter Robot G Great Mazinger - Kessen! Daikaijuu (1976).jpg

A Mazinger made for America

Who's name-dropping?

Pandaz tva top.jpg
MazinSaga 1 (1999)(Dynamic Italia).jpg

  • MazinSaga
  • Z Mazinger
  • Mazinger Angels

The only thing better than watching giant robot fights, is to be able to control the robots as they fight!

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